Friday, March 15, 2013

30 Reasons Church Leaders Need a Coach

By Scott Thomas

A church planter's life can get pretty lonely. Even the best can unintentionally paint themselves into a corner due to how many new situations they face. This is why the most successful planters need a coach. A good coach can save planting pastors a ton of time and heartache.

Here are 30 reasons why you should consider finding yourself a planting coach:

1. Coaching helps to remind a leader of the Gospel.

2. Coaching exposes a leader's blind spots.

3. All leaders are capable of succumbing to sin's deception.

4. Leaders are models for faithful obedience.

5. Coaching is preventative maintenance for a leader.

6. The stakes for a church leader are high.

7. Coaching models biblical community.

8. Coaching provides a prayer partner for the leader.

9. Leaders can be prideful.

10. Leaders are often lonely.

11. Coaching is a practical means for a leader to pay careful attention to self.

12. Coaching brings encouragement to the leader.

13. Coaching can protect the flock from a leader’s mistakes and bad decisions.

14. Coaching improves a leader's perspective and objectivity. 

15. Coaching facilitates the leader's growth and equipping
16. Coaching sharpens a leader's calling.

17. Leaders lead where they have walked themselves.

18. Coaching is a means for intentional accountability and submission.

19. Coaching helps a leader identify and fight arrogance.

20. Ministry is a difficult and complicated task.

21. Leaders in a coaching relationship model discipleship.

22. Shepherds need to be shepherded.

23. Coaching sharpens a leader's skills and abilities.

24. Coaching provides a safe sounding board.

25. Coaching is fun.

26. Coaching encourages friendship.

27. Coaching provides affirmation for a leader's decisions.

28. Coaching enables personal sanctification.

29. Coaching protects family and marital health.

30. Coaching is a means to obtain gospel reflections from a fellow leader.

Scott Thomas is the President of Acts 29 Network and Pastor of Global Church at Mars Hill Church. Scott has been a pastor for 30 years—first as a youth pastor and then as a lead pastor and church planter/church replanter for 16 years.