Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are You the Best Kept Secret in Town?

A Postcard Introducing Your Church to the Neighborhood
By Bryan Cutshall, Church Growth Consultant
I have seen many great churches with awesome ministries yet no one knows they exist. As a church consultant, I have often been called upon to do church evaluations. One of the things I always do is go to a nearby gas station or convenient store and ask directions to the church. It never ceases to amaze at how many people who work only a mile or two away, do not even know the church is there.

This year we decided to do a LOW BUDGET (I like that term) marketing campaign for Twin Rivers. We called it Pastor's Favorite Things. The purpose of the campaign was to put inexpensive tools into the hands of our people so they could give them away. As we got into the campaign, we added items for purchase in our church bookstore like umbrellas, T-shirts, water bottles and more. We started the campaign by giving away ink pens. Now we see them in restaurants, beauty salons, doctors offices and other places of business all around our church. It worked! We are continuing throughout the year with invite cards (a postcard of our location and service times), windshield decals, key chains and drawings. We even gave all of the kids at Twin Rivers a football on Superbowl Sunday. It is fun, builds momentum and helps us to spread the word without breaking the budget.

Keep this in mind, someone is looking for you and does not how to find you. Utilize free advertising like Facebook, my space, YouTube, GodTube and Twitter. It's powerful and it's free.

Keep your website info current and your pictures updated. It really does make a difference.

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